How creating a crystal artwork

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The whole process starts with the idea. You take the image of a beloved person, a very special pet of yours or maybe you want to portrait the successful horse you have been riding for years. On the basis of the photo sample I create large and small masterpieces.


Lawyers appreciate the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal pictures just as much as modern and open-minded advertising agencies or the shop owner from down the street. They want to welcome their guests and customers in a very special atmosphere. Swarovski Elements do not appear snobbish of any sort. On the contrary, they are famous and well known around the world.


When a photo becomes a masterpiece…

The photo is altered into a black and white sample. My artistic skills help me to decide on the image points. I focus on the proportions as well as the thousands of image points. Every point consists of a small sparkling crystal. The eyes are not allowed to get tired and the hands may not lose control of what they are doing. In this way I am able to put every element onto the high gloss template.



While trying to manage the precision work day by day, I enjoy the sparkling crystals under the white light, which I need for the designing process.

The loneliness, that being an artist brings me, pays off always. The result has to be exactly the way it was planned. I like to be accompanied during my work. The process itself can be pretty lonesome since I have to concentrate on designing many days in a row, hour for hour. I dedicate all the work and effort to the art.

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