Ein Kristall

In the beginning there is the idea for the image and the passion for the extraordinary.
I create individual masterpieces full of emotion and memory.

Usually portraits comprise 3.500 to 10.000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Please consider the great effort every picture takes to be designed. The process asks for accuracy from start to end.

Every single piece is made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS exclusively.

The process takes a couple of weeks. Prices range from 1.500 to 5.000 Euros. The exact price depends on the amount of crystals used to create the picture.

Scenery pictures and pictures of buildings need high resolution and bigger surfaces to create nice pictures.

The prices are moderate considering the weeks of work and creativity.


In order to find the perfect picture for creating a crystal piece of art I offer guidance and advice. In this way you will find the ideal picture which lives up to your individual expectations.

Every picture is one-of-a-kind which makes it especially appealing.

As an artist I assign the exploitation rights to you, infinite in terms of time and location.

The prices depend on the quantity of crystals and the motif.

Summing up…

⇒Portraits start at 1.500 Euros

⇒Sceneries and pictures of buildings start at 2.500 Euros


The price includes full costs for material. The delivery covered by insurance is free.

The picture will be delivered in a special packaging.

If you wish the picture to be delivered by me personally, please be aware of the additional travelling expenses.

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