Designing process


✦To start with, please send me your photo. Furthermore, I will evaluate whether it qualifies as raw material for the Swarovski crystals artwork.

✦ In the meantime I will prepare the offert how much your crystal picture will be. The price depends on the amount of crystals, which have to be used to create the picture and from the motif. Decide on the size of your artwork. I am happy to make the calculation and advise you if you need help.

✦ The second step consists of creating a matrix and placing crystals with different sizes on the picture. In this way I have a preview of how the picture will look like in the end. In order to get this outlook of the end product you have to place a mandatory order. Because of the time and effort this step costs, I beg your understanding in this case.

✦The draft of the picture can be modified until it serves your contentment.

✦ In the next phase of the designing process I manufacture the supporting plate. It consists of plexiglass and can be compared to the surface of a piano.

✦Now is the time the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are placed on the picture crystal by crystal.

✦ After this important step a standardized metal frame is manufactured and combined with a special type of glass (also used in museums). In this way the picture is protected well, during transport as well as in the future. If the style of the frame does not fit your interior, you can replace it anytime.

✦The delivery will take place by using a special type of packaging which can also be used for transporting your Maiti-Crystals artwork in the future. It would be an honor for me to present it to you personally. In this case please consider the additional costs for the trip and accommodation.

It will be a great honor for me to introduce myself and my work to you.

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